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February 2023 last Edition

Open enrollment period

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The Artist360 Contemporary Art Fair is aimed at artists, art galleries, and collectives working with painting, sculpture, drawing, original graphic work, photography, digital art, and other visual disciplines.

It represents a new concept of a fair where art galleries and independent artists come together in the same space. It serves as a bridge between the "established art" world and emerging creativity, bringing together renowned art galleries and passionate independent artists.

Artist360 is where diversity and artistic expression converge, providing an enriching and captivating event for all art enthusiasts.

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Next edition:


Contemporary Art Week

In a new edition, art becomes a lively and enriching conversation between creators and the visiting audience over the course of five days. It offers an experience that goes beyond mere contemplation, where each artwork tells its unique story through its author.


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Madrid February 28 - March 3, 2024


In the Exhibitor Dossier you can find everythings the details and conditions to expose in our next edition.

→ Dossier for the exhibitor 

→ Fair plan (floor plan)

→ Get to know the space

→Participation fees 

→ Preferential accommodations


→ Send proposal

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor, send us your proposal and our Artistic Committee will be responsible for evaluating it and deciding on its suitability to be part of the event. 


It is not necessary to make any payment until your participation is confirmed by the organization. 

participation fees

Spaces and prices


stand A.png

Booth A - € 2,950

Art galleries and large formats
Width: 1 + 3 +4 + 1.5 m  / 9.5 m linear expository

Height: 2.65m

stand C.png

Booth C - € 1,200

hallway head
Width: 1 + 2.5 m  or  1.5 + 2 m  /  3,5 m linear

Height: 2.65m

stand B1.png

Booth B - € 1,750

the most versatile
Width: 1.5 + 3 + 1.5 m  / 6 linear m for exhibition

Height: 2.65m

Conoce nuestros stands


Tarifas participación



All stands include the following complementary packs (included in the basis fee)

Pack IDENTIF.jpg
Pack PROMO.jpg

preferential accommodations

Concerted hotels



Hotel Ilunion Pío XII

Av. Pío XII Madrid (Spain)

Our organization has established a preferential rate agreement with the Ilunion Pío XII Hotel, which is located adjacent to the exhibition venue. This offers significant advantages and convenience for exhibitors by eliminating the need for daily commutes and providing valuable logistical support for their exhibition.

artist360_floorplan_FEB 2024 V1.jpg

Planos - floor plan


Artist360 is held at the Ilunion Pío XII Convention Center, a spacious and well-lit exhibition space of over 1000 square meters, with an adjacent area dedicated to complementary activities.

Know the space


The Ilunion Pío XII Convention Center is strategically located in modern Madrid's Chamartín district, adjacent to the central Plaza de Castilla and the Chamartín Station, along one of the main avenues in the northern part of Madrid, Avenida del Pío XII.

Artist360 takes place in a spacious and well-lit exhibition space of over 1000 square meters, with additional outdoor areas dedicated to leisure zones and complementary artistic activities such as large sculptures, performances, and live performances. The venue also offers convenient parking facilities that ease the visit to the fair, providing free parking on specific days of the week.

Espacio Ilunion Pío XII

Galería de imágenes

Floor Plan
WIX hoteles.jpg
Conoce el espacio



Our call is open, you can consult the list of the Art Galleries and Artists that participated in our last edition held in Madrid from September 14 to 17, 2023.

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Do you want to participate?

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If you want to participate in the next edition of the Artist360 Contemporary Art Fair(February 28 - March 3, 2024),Send us your proposal to be evaluated by our artistic committee. 

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