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Based on a "virtual reality" environment, the 3D Room offers an immersive experience from any digital device. The visitor can move freely inside the virtual space and explore its exhibition content, go through the rooms of the room appreciating each work, its details (title, dimensions, production technique, ...) and any other relevant information about the work and artist. .  

The 3D Rooms are intended for artists, galleries or institutions that want to show their collections in a new and attractive format at a minimum cost (from €10 / month). You just have to provide us with the images of the works to be exhibited and their informative details. We take care of the rest.


3D plans available


Choose the period of time you want to have the room and contract your plan now:

→ 3D Room 6 months / €80

→ 3D Room 12 months / €120


All plans include: ​

• Exclusive 3D room with the capacity to exhibit up to a maximum of 20 works. 

• Personalization and design of the room by our graphic design team

• Direct sale to the client without intermediation commission 

• Unlimited exposure changes during the contracted period

• Direct access to the room with an exclusive link (URL) and through the ARTIST 360º website.

• Traffic to the 3D Room from our website and our social networks guaranteed 

• We position the room in search engines to facilitate its location and access

• Room availability within 5-7 days



For specific needs of the room (dimensions, personalized designs,...) you can contact us through this form.


Thank you for your message! We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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