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Qué es Artist360

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What is Artist360


ARTIST 360 bridges the established art world and emerging creativity, uniting renowned art galleries with passionate independent artists. It's a space where diversity and artistic expression come together to create an enriching and captivating event for all art lovers.


The direct presence of artists allows the public to explore not only the artworks but also the stories behind them. This interaction enables visitors to delve into the minds of the artists, understand their creative processes, and form a genuine connection with the exhibited pieces.


Art becomes a lively and enriching conversation between creators and admirers, offering an experience beyond mere contemplation, where each work tells its own story through the voice of its author.

Isabel Ruiz Perdiguero.jpeg

Isabel Ruiz Perdiguero


A different proposal


In an ever-evolving art world, artists often face a significant challenge: finding a space to showcase and share their creativity. With a decreasing number of art galleries and increasingly high selection standards, many talented artists find themselves at a crossroads regarding how to bring their works to the public.

ARTIST 360 serves as an open door where creative expression is appreciated and celebrated without constraints. Diversity and innovation are embraced, and our selection process is based on passion and authenticity.

We take pride in providing a space where artists can break barriers, share their works with an enthusiastic audience, and overcome the challenges often encountered in the art industry.


Cani Navarro

mixed media


key moments


The magic of our event is enhanced by its strategic location and calendar. Held during two crucial moments in Madrid's art calendar, Madrid Art Week and Madrid Gallery Weekend, our art fair becomes a must-attend event for art enthusiasts, collectors, and creativity aficionados. Madrid immerses itself entirely in the art world, and our fair becomes a hub of exciting exhibitions and artistic discoveries.

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About us


Quiéne somos

Silvia Chaparro

Image & comunication


Training and career


Social Communicator, she has specialized in Photography in the city of Buenos Aires, and a Master's degree in Research in Art and Creation from the Complutense University of Madrid.

She has been manager and co-director of art galleries in Colombia, Director of the Audiovisual Production Center of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Image Director of Cremma Magazine, and Audiovisual Producer for various companies. Behind the scenes, in the production of different exhibitions and artistic events.

As an artist, her work has been exhibited in Israel, the United States, Madrid, Barcelona and Colombia.


Moses Bentata

Artist360 Address


Training and career

Engineer by profession and consecrated artist,

A long professional career in the technology sector, holding positions of responsibility in different multinationals, he currently dedicates his professional activity as an artist and event promoter from his position as CEO at Artist360. Founder and co-director of the contemporary art fair ARTIST 2020 in Madrid.  He accumulates extensive experience in organizing exhibitions and artistic productions. As an artist, he has participated in a large number of international competitions and fairs, showing his work in: Madrid, Frankfurt, London, Miami, Jerusalem, with work in institutional and private collections.


the space




The Ilunion Pío XII Convention Center is located at a strategic area of modern Madrid, in the heart of the Chamartín district, next to the central Plaza de Castilla and the Chamartín – Clara Campoamor Station, on one of the main avenues in the north of Madrid.

ARTIST 360 takes place in a spacious and well-lit exhibition space of over 1000 square meters, with additional outdoor areas dedicated to leisure zones and complementary artistic activities, including large sculptures, performances, and live acts. It also features convenient parking facilities that make visiting the fair easy, with free parking available on specific days of the week.

The venue has a contiguous hotel that offers accommodation at special  rates for exhibitors plus an excellent gastronomic offer.

El espacio


artist360 in media



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